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Table 1 below shows the outcomes for different types of remedial programmes, in particular the difference between the Orton, Gillingham and Stillman (OGS) based Alphabetic – Phonic – Syllabic – Linguistic (APSL) multisensory programmes. Table 2 shows comparative data for progress per year from non APSL programmes that were multisensory and phonics based.

The expectation of progress of a class of ‘normal’ subjects in reading and spelling is that in each year they would make average progress of at least 1 year in each year and this is built into the tests. It would be typical to find that reading was slightly ahead of spelling as spelling is the harder and more complex skill.

In the tables below reading and spelling ages have been used as they tell a clearer story than percentiles and standard scores. Some of the teacher researchers (Hornsby et al, Thomson, and Pawley) did not use control groups but used the same subjects as their own control. They recorded progress or lack of it in the previous year without remedial intervention using normal non-APSL eclectic methods, then again in the intervention period.

Figure 1 Example of a Level 1 dyslexic’s writing before and after 6 x 20 min lessons using TRTS (Cursive not allowed in this school)

By the time of remedial intervention most dyslexics will have some phonic knowledge that can aid reading but it is incomplete and often not used appropriately or in word building in writing. Whole word knowledge is scattered amongst misspellings. An example of this can be seen in Figure 2 below, James has just been learning the blends – nd and - mp. Initially he had no score on the reading and spelling tests. In figure 3 below his progress is shown after 1 year and nearly 4 months (inc. holidays) on TRTS with 2 sessions of 50 minutes per week

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