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CPD Study Guides and Training materials

at MA/Diploma level (level 4) Electronic copies on CD £5.00 inc. p&p per module

Modules Available = each 30 credits worth APL (except M14)
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M1 Introduction to SEN, Inclusion and the Needs of Slower Learners
M2 Reading and Reading Difficulties
M3 Handwriting and Spelling Difficulties
M4 Dyslexia and Remediation
M5 Inclusive Teaching and Learning, Personalised Learning
M6 Mathematical Difficulties and Dyscalculia
M7 Managing Social and Behavioural Difficulties
M8 Managing Emotional Difficulties
M9 Speech and Language Difficulties
M10 Autistic Spectrum Difficulties, Asperger Syndrome
M11 Developmental Co ordination Difficulties
M12 Managing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and ADD
M13 Performance Management of Teaching and Learning
M14 Research and Dissertation Preparation (60 credits)
M15 Able Underachievers
M16 Double Exceptionality
M17 Developing Creativity and Talent
M18 Curriculum Provision and Pedagogy in Gifted Education
M19 Bilingualism and Learning Disability
M20 Assessment Strategies
M21 Identification of Giftedness and Talent
M22 Physical and Medical Difficulties
M23 Visual and Hearing Difficulties
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'Famous East Anglian Women':(2016) Paperback book £14.99 inc. p&p from LDRP
'Pram Rage: A Wartime autobiography of an infant' E-book Available from Amazon.com
'Teaching Gifted Children with SEN: Supporting Dual and Multiple Exceptionality' (2015)
Available from Routledge www.routledge.com
'Spelling Detective' Dictionary for spelling teaching and correction. Available from April 2017 from Routledge www.routledge.com
‘Dyslexia-friendly Approaches to Reading, Spelling and Handwriting. A toolkit for teachers’, Available from April 2017 from Routledge www.routledge.com
Developmental Spelling Handbook 100+ mini lessons on synthetic phonics and morphemics £5.00 inc. p&p
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